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Phone # (845) 292-9053

Fax# (845) 292-3121

A Custom Cleaning System

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Constable Custodial Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 1115

Liberty, NY 12754

Office: 845-292-9053

Fax: 845-292-3121

Offices in Liberty,

Loch Sheldrake, Kingston, Ellenville, Middletown, and Poughkeepsie

Emergency cleaning services available

Water or smoke damage? Let us take care of it!

Professional Grade Commercial Cleaning

Constable Custodial Services, Inc. offers a variety of services to commercial level industries. We specialize in general cleaning, stripping and waxing of floors, steaming and shampooing of carpets, varnishing, window washing, spring cleaning, high pressure washing, and more. Whatever service you require, we will meet your company's needs.

Check out News/Coronavirus tab for information on about our battle with the new threat.

Dear colleagues,

I am sure you will agree that the impact of COVID-19 on our society has been a historic and unprecedented event with the closing of public buildings, libraries, bars, and gathering places as well as restrictions on the number of individuals coming together. At Constable Custodial, our large team of employees remain loyal to our accounts. As such, we are trying to continue "business as usual." We will continue to provide our services uninterrupted as best possible while abiding by the increasing ordinances and restrictions, possibly on transportation and travel from one location to another.

Now than ever, we are striving to keep our accounts disinfected and cleaned to the highest degree. Rest assured our cleaners are wiping down all hand touched items from door handles to counter tops to pens. All public areas are being attended to. Please be aware that since we must allow the germicide to set as long as possible, we are unable to dry or wipe to a shine all surfaces as usual. Thus, although a haze may be present from the residual solids that are left behind when the liquid evaporates from the germicide, this is an indicator that the germicide is there.

Since our staff serve Constable Custodial Services on a voluntary basis, although compensated for their service, they may decide to self-quarantine if they believe it is in the best interest of their families. Should they choose to do so, we may have difficulty replacing them. We are endeavoring to get through this difficult time with care and above all honor our contracts as best possible. In some cases, our fees may have to take on emergency pricing as above and beyond our scope of work.

The idea of limiting the transmission of this virus by not exposing others will work only if we all work together.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Ian Constable

Support Small Business

When you buy from a small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping your neighbors pay for dance lessons, groceries, and college. You are helping your community prosper. Our customers are our shareholders and they are the ones we strive to make happy.

Easy Scheduling

CalendarWiz allows us to schedule operations with ease, yielding cost and time efficient results through better employee and equipment management.

Green Initiative

The US Green Building Council, the EPA, and other organizations require cleaning operations to use green chemistry, reduce packaging waste, and focus on sustainable cleaning programs that help keep us and our environment healthy. Constable Custodial is a proud user of Stearns Green Seal Approved Products.